• What is the GAIA Initiative?

    With DiDi's advantages in big data and technology, the GAIA Initiative provides academic community with real-life application use cases, anonymized data and computing resources, and seeks collaboration with the academic community. The Initiative aims to advance fundamental and prospective studies in transportation research. It promotes the application of scientific achievements by strengthening ties between industry, university and research. This effort will drive scientific development in intelligent transportation systems and contribute to societal development.

  • Why does DiDi provide its anonymized data?

    The GAIA Initiative targets research talent in artificial intelligence, intelligent transportation, data mining and machine learning. It provides academic community with access to real-life, high-quality anonymized data by building DiDi’s unique scientific datasets. DiDi seeks collaboration with the academic community to broaden the reach of science and change the world with cutting-edge technologies.

  • What does the GAIA Initiative provide in the first phase?

    Every day, as a leading mobile transportation platform, DiDi receives more than 30 million orders, collects more than 106TB of new route data, processes more than 4875TB of data, and obtains more than 40 billion queries for route planning and 15 billion queries for geolocation. While ensuring data security and privacy, DiDi shares carefully curated transportation data with the academic community and works side-by-side with researchers to accomplish the mission of making transportation more wonderful.

Current open dataset

KDD CUP 2020
2018 Traffic Travel Index
Oct 2016, Xi’an City Second Ring Road Regional Trajectory Data Set
Nov 2016, Xi’an City Second Ring Road Regional Trajectory Data Set
Oct 2016, Chengdu City Second Ring Road Trajectory Data Set
Nov 2016, Chengdu City Second Ring Road Trajectory Data Set
D²-City:Large-Scale Driving Video Dataset
More Data Sets

Competition Channel

In solving real-world transportation problems, we are employing artificial intelligence and big
data technologies.
Here, a stage is provided for you to perform: join the competitions to win prizes and
Here, a platform is also provided for you to seek solutions: contact us with your problem so that
we may launch a competition together!



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    Visit the GAIA Initiative website and click 'Apply Now' to register.

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    Verification and Review

    In the Data Center, click 'Data Access Application'. Read the user agreement carefully and fill out the application form with your info, then submit the form for verification.

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    Access Data

    Once your application is approved, DiDi will send you an email with instructions for data access. Please check your email.

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    Welcome to email us at gaia@didiglobal.com to introduce your research findings for further discussion.

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