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  • Theme-Based Research

    The DiDi Theme-Based Research Program provides fun-ding opportunities and other resources to the academ-ic and research institutions. The program seeks to identify and support world-class faculty members pursuing research in area of study that are of key interest to DiDi as well as the research community.

  • What is the GAIA Initiative?

    With DiDi's advantages in big data and technology, the GAIA Initiative provides academic community with real-life application use cases, anonymized data and computing resources, and seeks collaboration with the academic community. The Initiative aims to advance fundamental and prospective studies in transportation research. It promotes the application of scientific achievements by strengthening ties between industry, university and research. This effort will drive scientific development in intelligent transportation systems and contribute to societal development.


  • DiDi&Tsinghua University establish Joint Research Center for Future Mobility


    2020/03/03 View
  • DiDi CTO Zhang Bo: AI Technology enhances travel experience ,AR Navigation helps passengers get directly to the point of departure


    2020/03/03 view
  • About 2019, DiDi Technology Ecosystem & Development


    2020/03/03 view